Script Arsenal

Update: Instead of a script arsenal page, I have decided to create a What I Use page. This will not only hold scripts but other tools I find useful. I’ve also included a link to download the sp_Blitz stored procedure.


Every DBA should have their own script arsenal, a set of TSQL scripts you use on a regular basis for investigative or troubleshooting purposes. I’ve created a new page to start sharing my script arsenal. I’ll slowly add scripts to this page and write up a short summary about what they each do and how they can (maybe) help you out.

The first script I’ve decided to share is sp_Blitz by Brent Ozar. Rather than describe it myself I’ll paste a short extract from the Blitz page.

it helps you rapidly assess configuration, security, health, and performance issues.  We organize the results in a prioritized list and give you simple explanations of each risk, plus a column of links that you can copy/paste into your browser for more information about each issue

This is the script you execute when you’ve been handed a SQL Server you know nothing about. Handy to have for your first day on the job. If you’ve never used this before I suggest you download it now, it’s well worth it. You can download sp_Blitz from here.

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